My Berkshire Stone Ginger Beer Collection

Greg's Transfer Ginger Beer Bottles - Wokingham


From right to left:

1)  Headington & Son          Classical/White/CK/No Mark                                                with star in shield

2)  Headington & Son          Classical/White/CK/Smith & Co. Old Kent Road London          without star in shield

3)  Headington & Son          Classical/TT/CK/Bourne Denby                                            oval version

4)  Headington & Son          Classical/White/CK/Powell Bristol                                        oval version

5)  Headington & Son          Classical/White/IS/Indistinguishable                                    oval version

6)  R. Castle                      Classical/TT/CK/J. Bourne & Co. Patentees             just writing

7)  R. Castle                      Classical/White/CK/Powell Bristol                           with smaller stars

8)  R. Castle                      Classical/White/CK/Price Bristol                             with larger flowers

9)  R. Castle                      Classical/TT/IS/Bourne Denby                               shield

10)  R. Castle                    Classical/TT/CK/J. Bourne & Co. Patentees             Oval, Denmark St.


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